What is a portable camping toilet?

Firstly, we all know how hard it is to answer the call of nature during our camping trips. We’ve all had the unattractive attempt of hiding behind a tree or squatting below a bush to relieve ourselves. It isn’t pretty and it’s probably not ideal for nature itself either, interacting with the local wildlife in an unnatural manner. 

On major campsites there are shared bathrooms and toilets that we can use, as this is a good option and alleviates the problem of mass people damaging nearby nature, it’s also not ideal. Often, they are unclean areas and not kept clean and chemically sound by staff, probably due to low turnovers of campsites and outbalanced by the huge volume of campers attending every year. 

There IS a better way, queue the portable camping toilet, a lightweight, compact and seriously efficient way of dealing with toilet breaks while on the road. 

They come in many shapes, sizes and styles which is covered all insanely well by an extensive article written by thetenthub.com and goes on to provide ways of ethical usage, which is equally important. 

There are even portable shelters that can be used in conjunction with these toilets. Often pop up or instant frame technology to increase efficiency. They provide an instant shelter that is durable and waterproof, and most of all offers privacy from your fellow campers. 

This is key as we all need to feel we are in our own enclosure while doing the business, away from preying eyes. 

Bucket toilets are the most basic form of portable toilet on the market, which basically is a deep bucket often 5-6-gallon sizes, which uses a soft contoured, attachable seat for comfort. This however needs a more manual cleaning effort and waste process.

The chemical version of the portable camping toilets are the luxury toilets of the camping world and come with a boat load of features. They are also mountable to the floors of RV’s so they are the most stable of all toilets. They have 2 tanks, 1 for waste and 1 for flushing. The flushing tank holds the clean water, which usually has some form of cleaning chemical within the water. It flushes through the basin with force, pressured by the toilet itself, ending in the waste tank. Where it sits and gets broken down by the chemicals found there. 

They also nullify smells, so it’s not going to get too smelly inside your toilet tent and is manageable for large groups of people. 

A really great choice for family camping, imagine not having to walk a mile for a toilet break in the middle of the night, somethings are just worth the money.