What Brands Of GPS Kid’s Watches Are Popular In Holland?

GPS watches are some of the more useful products you can buy for your kid. Not only will your child feel special because of such a high-tech item, but you’ll always know where they are. Not to mention that they can help you stay in touch with your kid even when they forget to bring their phones with them – and let’s face it, this tends to happen.

But what are some of the popular GPS kid’s watches in Holland? Here are brands you’d turn to if you want to track your child in this country:

1. One2Track

One2Track is a Dutch brand that creates innovative GPS watches for kids and their parents. They take pride in being affordable and easy to maintain, and are among the market leaders in the Netherlands, but also in local EU countries.

They are among more secure brands out there. With their watches, you’ll know exactly where your child is no matter the time of the day!

2. Kèshy

Kèshy is a brand that specializes in creating smart and innovative technologies in several fields, and GPS watches for kids are among them. Their Smartwatch seems to be one of the most popular products on the market!

This brand sells its goods all over EU, and it seems to be rather popular in Holland. If you’re looking at GPS watches for kids, chances are you’ve already seen some of their products.

3. DePlay

While not as widely popular as some other brands we’ve listed, DePlay produced one of the most stylish-looking GPS watches for kids. Your children will love using it, as they’ll look like the coolest kids in the block!

Their watches come in several colours, so they can be to your child’s liking. The entire design is made so your kid will wear it with pride – and stay safe while doing so.

4. Wonlex

Wonlex is a brand that originates from China, but it is extremely popular in Holland and the rest of the EU. They are among the leaders of modern GPS smart watches and other wearable technology devices. Yes, this includes GPS watches for kids, as well.

While Wonlex’s watches aren’t exactly cheap, they are far from expensive, and they can be a great investment as they’re known to stay functional for a very long time.

Bottom Line

Our children’s safety is our biggest priority. Fortunately, with new GPS watches, we can know exactly where are kids are all the time without them thinking we’re a nuisance. Quite the opposite – they’ll love wearing the devices that help us keep them safe!

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